Real-time Monitoring and Management for Additive Devices

Our premier product, PerceptEngine, helps you monitor, manage and optimize production of your Additive devices.

Cloud Based Data API

Easily control printers from anywhere in the world.

Managing one printer or a fleet of printers is easily accomplished using PerceptEngine's intuitive dashboard.

In-situ Monitoring

Never "babysit" printers again.

PerceptEngine visually and programmatically inspects every layer of your Additive build. This capability enables the applicationn of Artificial Intelligence to Automatically correct the build.


A reliable Quality Benchmark.

PerceptEngine generates a SolidScore for every layer of the build event, providing a reliable benchmark and comprehensive data for permanant quality records.

Welcome to Solid Innovations, LLC


Solid Innovations LLC is focused on building technology solutions that provide real time perception and reaction to the subtle changes that happen in the manufacturing environment.

We are focused on building solutions that make real world outcomes consistently better. Our platforms are designed to provide accurate and timely data based corrections while informing critical elements of enterprise systems.


Meet PerceptEngine

Learn what it is, how it works, and why it's so powerful.