Founded in 2015 and run by a team of manufacturing executives and software engineers with backgrounds ranging from full-stack web application programming to facility management, Solid Innovations' mission is to create scalable & easy-to-use solutions that enable wide-spread adoption of Additive Manufacturing.


Experience & Knowledge

75+ Years of Traditional Manufacturing

60+ Years of Quality Analysis & Assessment

40+ Years of Application Programming

20+ Years of Additive Manufacturing

Advisory Board... Coming Soon!

Innovating is Our Way of Life


Solid Innovations is owned by a team of technologists and engineers driven to make Additive Manufacturing a reliable, repeatable, and scalable part of the modern manufacturing supply chain. 


Christian M. Joest (Chris)
Founder, Chairman

Joseph M. Sinclair
Founder, Technical Lead

John "Jack" S. Shelp
Founder, Systems Administrator


Christian G. Joest
Founder, Business Development


John J. Toth
General Manager


To learn more about Solid Innovations' Team and our mission, please contact us by visiting our contact page or by the contact information below.