Stop Wasting Your Time

Automating Additive - Stop Wasting Your Time

I'm going to interrupt the PerceptEngine feature series to issue a public service announcement.

Stop. Wasting. Time.

Ever since I started tinkering with 3D-Printers, I failed to understand why in the world humans were involved with repairing .STL files and manually orienting parts in hopes of not violating the 45 degree-angle rule.

I mean seriously, the whole point of Additive is to enable innovation yet we've created a bunch of additional knobs and switches for us to manually operate (I'm looking at you engineers) which ultimately slows the 3D-Printing workflow.

Why on earth is a human at all involved in .STL file repair or file orientation?!?!?!?!

Me watching colleagues argue over part orientation... *face palm*

Me watching colleagues argue over part orientation... *face palm*

And before you say it, yes yes yes, I know the .STL file type is error prone and proper part orientation is dark voodoo magic with a simulation cult following similar to Pythagoras.... but really, can't we automate these portions of the workflow a little? 

Well, I've waited long enough for someone to come along and do it so screw it, we've built completely automated solutions for .STL file repair & .STL file orientation and we're making them free to use.

They aren't perfect but they'll save you time during the pre-processing portion of the Additive workflow.

All I ask is that you use some of this spare time doing what you are best at, innovating.

And yes, these are included in PerceptEngine.

- Joseph M. Sinclair

P.S. I am not attached to the .STL format but it's what we've got for now...

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