Welcome to Solid Innovations, LLC


Solid Innovations is focused on building Enterprise Additive Manufacturing Solutions that make real-world outcomes consistently better.


Everyday we leverage our Additive Manufacturing process control expertise to make 3D-Printing more accessible, standardized, and scalable using our automated software solutions

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Solid Innovations' foundation is built on two key patented processes.

  • In-Situ Process Monitoring

  • Artificial Intelligence driven AutoCorrection Software

These processes make 3D Printers "Smart" by making them understand what they are supposed to be making. 


Smart 3D-Printers enable the creation of true end-to-end automation of the Additive Manufacturing process and that is exactly what we've done. Our software modules and platform provide users a previously impossible level of insight and automation into each aspect of the manufacturing process.


Groundbreaking In-Situ Process Monitoring Software

...and everything else you need for a turn-key, scalable Additive Manufacturing operation.


Automating the Additive Manufacturing workflow is not easy. Solid Innovations solves this problem by offering customers complete or modular solutions for each of their process automation needs.

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Automated Workflow

Combining our proprietary in-situ monitoring and autocorrection technology with our other automatic modules, users are provided with a completely autonomous workflow. Automating the workflow process improves scalability, reduces time & cost, and enables production manufacturing with 3D-Printers.

  • Easy to Implement

  • Easy to Learn

  • Easy to Use