Getting the ball rolling - Solid Innovations' Acquires first Office

- East Stroudsburg University Business Accelerator, East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania -

Solid Innovations acquires their first office at the ESU Business Accelerator in support of their Smart 3D-Printing software.

Started in 2015, Solid Innovations has focused on making Additive Manufacturing (AM) a viable piece of the modern manufacturing supply chain. In order to accomplish this, Solid Innovations has developed software for 3D-Printers that enables them to better perform difficult tasks normally performed by highly-trained operators.

Solid Innovations' patented methodologies allows 3D-Printers to understand errors occurring in the 3D-Printing process and helps fix those errors to make better parts for customers.

East Stroudsburg Universities Bussines Accelerator

East Stroudsburg Universities Bussines Accelerator

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The new office will enable Solid Innovations to expand their software team, enhance their equipment integration capabilities, and speed up the software development process. If you're ever in the East Stroudsburg area, feel free to drop by their office located at: 

562 Independence Road
Suite 326
East Stroudsburg, PA 18301

Solid Innovations would like to thank East Stroudsburg University for their hospitality as well as the Business Accelerator staff for their never-ending encouragement and helpfulness in launching the company to success.


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