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Introducing PerceptEngine

PerceptEngine is the first commercial Additive Manufacturing (AM) software that combines our automated workflow modules, patented in-situ process monitoring and autocorrection technology with a user friendly, cloud based, 3D-Printer control software. This combination makes 3D-Printing accessible, easy-to-use, and scalable while increasing the reliability and consistency of the Additive Manufacturing process.


Cloud Based Data API


In-Situ Process Monitoring


SolidScore Technology


Easily Control Printers From Anywhere in the World

Managing one printer or a fleet of printers is easily accomplished using PerceptEngine's intuitive dashboard

Never Babysit Printers Again

PerceptEngine programmatically inspects every layer of additive builds in real-time and applies artificial intelligence (A.I.) to automatically correct build errors in-process

A Reliable Quality Benchmark

PerceptEngine generates a quality metric known as a SolidScore value for every layer of the build event, providing a reliable benchmark and comprehensive data storage for permanent quality records

PerceptEngine Key Advantages



  • Provides users the ability to set up and operate multiple AM tools, either remotely or in person, while capturing and recording the entire build event

  • Improves part manufacturability through pre-processing tools that provide design insight for CAD modeling prior to the build



  • Substantially lowers cost to producers since faults are discovered in real-time, rather than after the build is complete

  • Monitoring and correction of AM builds with no human interaction increases  efficiency, reduces waste, and labor costs



  • Establishes quality and manufacturing benchmarks for specific parts and applications via PerceptEngine’s SolidScore quality metric
  • Utilizes collected data to improve simulations and optimizations of future build events

  • Allows for less experienced operators to operate equipment without the need for advanced training or proficiency


PerceptEngine Benefits

Design, Optimization, & Training

  • Design guidelines using data generated by PerceptEngine show likelihood of success for an AM build prior to the build starting
  • Collected data improves AM process simulations & optimizations accuracy and decreases failure rates
  • PerceptEngine’s collected data improves design, engineering and operator training through quantitative insight into AM process characteristics


  • PerceptEngine algorithms can be applied to all AM system types – vat polymerization, material extrusion, sheet lamination, material jetting, powder bed fusion, etc.
  • PerceptEngine enables a single operator to control 30+ AM machines simultaneously 
  • PerceptEngine is the first (and required) step in applying automatic correction via AI to AM build process errors

SolidScore Algorithm

  • SolidScore value acts as a metric for quality of each layer produced during the AM process
  • Provides standardization of AM component quality by providing each layer a SolidScore value
  • PerceptEngine provides user notifications in-process when the SolidScore value falls below acceptable levels
  • Automatic error corrections injected when the SolidScore falls below the user defined threshold

Centralized Control

  • Local and cloud solutions enable users to repair, orient, and process of files for printing as well as operate multiple systems from a single program
  • Each machine implements auto-correction autonomously and performs individual quality analysis separate from other machines

Data Collection & Management

  • The SolidScore allows quality and manufacturing benchmarks to be set for individually sourced components
  • Data captured and saved for every layer of every build enables additional post build assessment of quality and build characteristics for specific components, materials and AM systems


PerceptEngine in Action


Accessing PerceptEngine

Additive Manufacturing, better known as 3D-Printing, has been around since the 1980's and was primarily developed as method to prototype potential end-use consumer parts. Engineers, scientist, and technical operators have utilized this technology to create unprecedented product innovations. Unfortunately, until now, 3D-Printing has had a steep learning curve and extensive training requirements for operators.

PerceptEngine eliminates this barrier to entry by providing users with an easily accessible cloud solution that makes 3D-Printing easier then ever to learn and use, both for individuals and manufacturing companies. 

Controlling Printers
Introducing the dashboard

The top windows show live video footage from operator-selected AM devices. The SolidScore value in the top right corner of these video feeds allows an operator to instantly understand how well a specific build and specific system is performing in real-time.

The Green (online) and Red (offline) icons indicate the status of different AM devices connected to PerceptEngine. To control and monitor a specific system, the operator simply clicks the chosen printer and the Control Host pops up.

Host Controls
Functionality at your fingertips

After launching the control host window, users can view details of a specific build or AM system. Graphical depictions of SolidScore history as well as real-time critical performance characteristics of every layer of every build are easily and readily available. 3D-Printing equipment can be operated, controlled and monitored easily and remotely from anywhere in the world.

Cloud Slicer
Prepare files on the go

Prior to PerceptEngine, users were required to purchase and install cumbersome local software that would enable the ability to prepare parts for the 3D-Printing process. These local solutions require substantial user knowledge to operate correctly and can only be accessed by local systems. The cloud slicer module simplifies this process by eliminating the need for downloads and computer speed requirements while also allowing users to prepare parts for printing on desktop & mobile devices, wherever they are: at home on the couch, in the office down the hall, or in a board meeting.

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Data Collection & Management
Never lose build information

Manufacturing facilities across the world, no matter the industry or type of manufacturing, all pay close attention to one thing: quality. This is an area Additive Manufacturing as struggled with since the inception of 3D-Printing technologies. 

PerceptEngine reduces and eliminates quality concerns of 3D-Printed parts by automatically collecting and managing data during the build process using our patented "smart" 3D-Printer technology. Our automatically generated permanent quality records for every build provide the quality data & part traceability that manufacturers know and love. 

Data Analysis & SolidScore
Assess part quality in-process

Beyond collecting and managing process data, PerceptEngine's artificial intelligence based "smart" 3D-Printer technology allows for real-time in-process (in-situ) analysis of component quality during the manufacturing process. This feature, powered by our SolidScore technology, utilizes complex algorithms and sensors to determine the quality of the partly printed part by comparing it to the original digital file. Each layer then receives a SolidScore value representing the quality of that layer. The analysis for that layer is then automatically presented to the user in an easily understood format. For more information on the SolidScore metric, click here.


Thresholding & AutoCorrection
Automated printer baby-sitting

Often, 3D-Printers make mistakes, and prior to PerceptEngine, the only way to catch these errors before build completion was to watch or "babysit" the 3D-Printer for the duration of the build and catch the error and take corrective action. This greatly limits the amount of 3D-Printers that can be effectively operated by a single user and leaves error detection and correction up to an individual users bias and human error. PerceptEngine eliminates this processes by automating "babysitting" via our "smart" 3D-Printer technology and the thresholding feature which allows a user to pre-set system actions based on SolidScore value variation during the build. 


Leader/Follower Functionality
Mass production made easy

Eliminating the requirement for a single operator to "babysit" a 3D-Printer provides users the ability to operate multiple AM systems with ease via the PerceptEngine dashboard. For production runs, we've made the process even simpler with our leader/follower functionality. A single user simply selects a chosen printer as a leader (green) and every command performed on that printer, is executed by both the leader (green) and every follower (purple) printer. Once the printing process has begun, each 3D-Printer than performs individual assessment, generates unique SolidScore values and activates thresholds autonomously. A factory at your fingertips.


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