Starting from Scratch - Solid Innovations' Initial Prototype

- University Park, State College Pennsylvania -

Students Explain Their Capstone Projects during the Design Showcase

Students Explain Their Capstone Projects during the Design Showcase

Penn State University is known around the world for their engineering programs and graduates. To maintain a working relationship with industry and to better prepare students for challenges in the real world, Penn State requires students to work on Capstone projects for local companies.  

These projects can range widely and often are connected with other initiatives within companies sponsoring a Capstone team. Solid Innovations' Smart 3D-Printing technology provided a challenging project that offered students a glimpse at the cutting-edge of a rapidly evolving technology.

The Penn State engineering Capstone team was tasked with testing and analyzing the initial implementation of Smart 3D-Printer technology. Their analyses provided significant insight and data showcasing the initial prototypes ability to identify errors during the 3D-Printing process without input from a user.


Below you can read the Penn State Capstone team's final report. 

Penn State Capstone Team Project Summary



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