Growing the Team - Creation of the Solid Innovations' Software Team

- East Stroudsburg University Business Accelerator, East Stroudsburg Pennsylvania -

Team work makes the dream work, at least that's how the founders of Solid Innovations see it with their recent investment in personnel.

Early 2015 Kick-Off meeting with the Development Team & Founders

Early 2015 Kick-Off meeting with the Development Team & Founders

Started in 2015, Solid Innovations is a software company focused on building solutions that make 3D-Printers Smart. Additive Manufacturing, more commonly known as 3D-Printing, suffers from reliability and quality issues. To combat these issues, Solid Innovations developed software for 3D-Printers that enables them to perform standard tasks more reliably without the need of a highly trained operator. This enhanced reliability stems from their patented methodologies that allow 3D-Printers to understand errors occurring in the 3D-Printing process and help fix those errors to make better parts.

Operating out of East Stroudsburg Universities Business Accelerator, Solid Innovations excels in software development by leveraging the valuable local talent from the surrounding universities and community. Solid Innovations kicked-off company growth by building a team of software programmers, engineers, and entrepreneurs from the ground up. The team's sole purpose is to develop software solutions that automate otherwise difficult to accomplish tasks in the Additive Manufacturing workflow. This is accomplished by adding artificial intelligence into day to day 3D-Printing operations. 

Creating such a team required extensive talent assessment and vetting by the original founding members of Solid Innovations. Leveraging long standing networks and partnerships with academic institutions such as East Stroudsburg University, Lehigh University, Penn State University, North Hampton Community College, and the New Jersey Institute of Technology (NJIT), Solid Innovations succeed in creating the brain-trust that continues to drive the company forward. 

The technically challenging nature of their work often requires Solid Innovations team members to remain at the forefront of the Additive Manufacturing revolution. This is easier said than done as 3D-Printing technology is beginning to advance at a pace rivaling the cellphone and computer markets. Team members often find themselves at Additive trade shows catching up on the newest evolutionary step in automation of the 3D-Printing process.

As members of a community with a once significant manufacturing base, the Solid Innovations' team is careful to ensure the rejuvenation of American manufacturing is at the top of their priority list. Automation continues to play a larger and larger role in manufacturing processes, not just 3D-Printing. Many who have lost jobs to offshoring see the candle burning from both ends with increased automation of manufacturing processes within the United States.

According to Solid Innovations founding member Christian M. Joest -

"A lot of folks think that automation is going to negatively impact American manufacturing. My other company, Imperial Machine & Tool Co. has been in the manufacturing business for 75 years employing hard-working, salt of the earth, people for multiple generations. Most of our staff at Imperial have been with the company for more than a decade with some having been with the company for more than thirty-years and every year we grow and create more job opportunities. The reality is automation is a large part of our success at Imperial, for generations now, its helped eliminate the back-breaking work that makes the day-to-day grind more of a toil than a habit. Automation allows Imperial to successfully compete and excel at manufacturing right here in the U.S. and I view the digital revolution in the 3D-Printing space similarly. Software solutions that remove the difficult aspects of Additive Manufacturing enable scalability for a technology capable of competing directly with overseas manufacturers. I believe automated 3D-Printing solutions are going to be a significant part of the next American industrial revolution."

Solid Innovations is poised to part-take in the digital revolution and is committed to domestic job growth and U.S. manufacturing. From their perspective, the Smart 3D-Printing technology they've developed, along with automation of the 3D-Printing process, creates new opportunities and jobs for Americans. Manufacturing is often viewed as labor intensive work with the potential for serious injury and this appears to have turned younger generations away from these types of jobs. Automated 3D-Printing processes greatly reduce physical labor requirements for manufacturing while increasing productivity. This increase in productivity provides previously non-existent job opportunities for operators, equipment manufacturers, and equipment maintenance personnel.

Solid Innovations continues to innovate and talented individuals are always in demand. If you're interested in discussing potential job opportunities, please contact or give them a call at 570-234-3131.


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