The SolidScore Metric

In order for Additive Manufacturing (AM) to take it's rightful place in the modern manufacturing supply chain, repeatability, traceability, and attention to component quality must become robust portions of the 3D-Printing workflow. The SolidScore metric, designed to gauge component quality in process, layer by layer, by comparing the partially printed object against it's original digital file provides the quality analysis so desperately needed by the industry. Below is a depiction of how the SolidScore system compares info collected during the build process.


Data Analysis & Dimensioning Algorithm

PerceptEngine uses various sensors and proprietary algorithms to accurately size, map printed objects. Irregular outputs are automatically highlighted and brought to the operators attention.


Digital Model

Printed Model




SolidScore Value Activated AutoCorrection

If the SolidScore falls below a stipulated value, pre-set by the user, and violates a threshold, our Artificial Intelligence based and machine vision AutoCorrection feature generates, injects and executes machine code mid-build process to attempt repairs that will improve the overall outcomes and quality of the component while also increasing the SolidScore value for that layer. 


Autonomously Act on Analyzed Data

PerceptEngine employs Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning technology to implement error correction in-situ.


PerceptEngine automatically assesses the AM build layer by layer using sensors and a complex set of algorithms to develop a rolling SolidScore depiction for the entire build event


An assessment automatically generates a SolidScore value for the particular layer. The SolidScore value is reported to PerceptEngine's threshold system to determine if the SolidScore value violates any pre-set user thresholds. If thresholds have been violated, user preset autocorrection is activated in order to repair errors in the build process.


The capture of this critical data enables significant benefits to the user by allowing for the application of machine vision AI to the current and subsequent builds to teach the equipment and program to fix build errors in-process


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