What's in the Workflow Toolbox?

Learn about our software modules, how they work, and why connecting them together is so powerful.


In additive manufacturing workflows, operators, designers & engineers often use separately licensed programs for designing, quoting, repairing, shipping, orienting, and printing models. This makes acquiring these tools expensive and difficult to maintain for operations personnel while also leaving users struggling to get different program outputs to work with the next program as the outputs are often proprietary. This complexity results in a high learning curve for new companies and personnel while also increasing the potential for human error in the manufacturing process.

Solid Innovations' Additive Manufacturing (AM) Workflow ToolBox streamlines & solves these process problems by providing users with:

  • Centrally Located Modules
    • Cloud or Non-Cloud Solutions Available
  • Non-Proprietary File Types
  • Easy-to-Use & Easier-to-Learn Modules
  • Connectability between Workflow Modules

The modules each have an Application Program Interface (API) that allows us and users to connect them to other modules, creating a connected, seamless, and automated workflow solution. This connectivity creates an automated end-to-end process pipeline for 3D-Printing.


The Tools

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Simulation & Topological Optimization API

  • Algorithms identify features and geometries that cannot be "printed", and suggest design changes
  • Algorithms suggest design improvements based on past performance history
  • Increased confidence in CAD design

  • Enables users and customers to assess and create part quotations automatically and instantly.
  • Enables complete control over how an item is assessed and how a quote is generated to ensure effective management and profitability.
  • Provides users low cost entry into the vibrant and growing additive manufacturing market.
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Automatic Quoting API

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Automatic Part Repair API

  • Identify holes and errors in CAD files automatically
  • Fix errors automatically
  • Output fully repaired files automatically

  • Algorithms choose the optimal build orientation for a particular design
  • Increase likelihood of a successful build
  • File is automatically sliced and converted into machine code for the printer to use
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Automatic Part Orientation & Slicing API

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Automatic Workflow & Scheduling API

  • Monitor available printers in real-time
  • Automatically assign job to a printer based on availability, hardware specifications, performance history, and other variables.
  • Automatically create a work queue of incoming jobs

  • Automatically assess & store information from every layer of AM build using process specific sensors
  • Advanced algorithms identify errors, and automatically inject machine code to correct identified errors
  • Apply quality metric to every layer, as well as the overall build, providing a reliable quality metric for bench marking parts
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Automatic In-Situ Monitoring & Autocorrection API

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Automatic Material Consumption Tracking API

  • Track Material Usage in Real-Time
  • Forecast material requirements based on queue and projections
  • Automatically order material at user defined thresholds

  • Automatically generate and print packing slips
  • Automatically create shipping labels and schedule carrier pickup
  • Automatically update customers with tracking information
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Automatic Purchasing & Shipping API

Automation of the Workflow provides:

Reduced Learning Curve for New AM Users

Decreased Design-to-Print Time

Data Records of Every User Action

Quality Reports of Every AM Build

Scalable AM Production


To learn more about Solid Innovations' Enterprise Software Solutions for Additive Manufacturing, please contact us by visiting our contact page or by the contact information below.